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Gypsy and Traveller Sites in Mid Bedfordshire
Posted Monday, 25 February 2013 at 10:33

I passed some Gypsies and travellers the other day and thought I would take a couple of pictures. It’s not how I choose to live but I respect their wish to live as they want.

If they applied for a pitch in Mid Bedfordshire to help them through the winter, before they travelled on, I wouldn't object.

What I do object to though is people who use the ethnic grouping classification of 'gypsy and traveller' to apply to live in some of the most prestigious villages in Bedfordshire when, in fact, I travel more than most of the applicants do.

One recent G+T applicant in Bedfordshire who applied for a pitch was discovered to be a home owner in Leicestershire. 

My surgery on Friday was long, fractious and dominated by residents complaining about the fact that Central Bedfordshire is being forced to allocate yet more G+T sites.

Not one of the proposed sites is anywhere near public transport, employment opportunities, health care facilities, or schools.

If genuine G+Ts wish to settle down then may I suggest they do what the rest of the British population have  to do. You need to get a job and save up for a number of years before you can expect to live in villages like those which have been proposed in Central Beds.

The people who live in those villages are able to do so because they worked hard, saved up and aspired to move to a rural location. You need to do the same.

One householder in Maulden has been advised by an estate agent, now that the site has been proposed, he would have to virtually give his house away if he wanted to sell it.

The house is his pension, he wants to downsize but now he can't. Having brought up his family he now faces his retirement in a large house with big bills and decreasing disposable income for no other reason than a site has been proposed at the back of his house.

Even if the proposed site is struck off and doesn't get to the final cut, the damage is still done until something of some description is built at the back of his house to remove the possibility of it becoming a G+T site in the future.

Central Bedfordshire has taken more than its fair share of G+T sites whereas other areas haven't. It’s time for other councils to step up to the plate and do their bit.

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