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Westminster's New Year Business
Posted Tuesday, 7 January 2014 at 12:11

I hope that readers of my blog enjoyed the break over Christmas and New Year, although I know many people worked hard to keep our public services and transport networks running and many others fell victim to some of the worst festive weather I can remember.

The first day back at Westminster saw debated the perfectly timed Water Bill. This aims to end the bizarre cycle we seem to have in this country whereby it rains all winter yet by the middle of spring we are embroiled in a water shortage.

This evening, along with other county MPs, I will be meeting with the Chief Constable and PCC of Bedfordshire Police to discuss issues surrounding rural crime and the provision of better policing with a smaller budget.

Last year Beds Police appointed a new Chief Constable. I‘ve been really impressed with Colette Paul’s ability and determination and I’m sure that she will drive through the required changes while maintaining the highest levels of protection against crime for my constituents.

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