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The Immigration Bill
Posted Thursday, 30 January 2014 at 14:20

This afternoon I will be supporting the amendment to the Immigration Bill put forward by Dominic Raab MP. Human Rights legislation is being abused by criminals to stay in this country when it is in our national interest to make sure they are deported as quickly as possible.

In his speech Dominic made the case better that I ever could. How can anyone support a system whereby a criminal convicted of violence against his girlfriend uses his link to that same woman as a ‘family’ connection that he couldn’t live without?

If an irresponsible father has never paid a penny of child support or made any effort to see his children, why on earth should he be allowed to use the fact that he has those children as a reason to avoid deportation?

The provisions in current human rights legislation are being abused. The right to family life is not absolute, unlike the right to life itself. Making it easier to remove dangerous foreign criminals from this country is not a magic bullet, but it is one small measure to make our country safer and I am very happy to vote for this amendment.

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