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How they try to skewer an MP!
Posted Monday, 17 March 2014 at 14:59

If you want to know how a political journalist tries to skewer an MP, read on through the email chain below.

Observe the snake-like twists and turns, the jumping from one accusation to the next hoping to catch you out.

The fact is, when you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear...

The journalist is from the Daily Telegraph, his emails are in red, my responses in black and the final email from the constituency agent is in green.

Hi there

I understand that you spoke last week at a fund-raising event for the Conservative association at Hampstead & Kilburn in a private house and that a local journalist was in attendance.

We understand that you were asked if you still advocated a deal with Ukip and that you replied: "Too late."

Any comment at all that you would care to make on this would be appreciated. We plan to run a story about it in the paper tomorrow.

Best and thanks, Tim

Sure, I was one of the first MPs to advocate that we should try to find seats where MPs and UKIP could stand together on a joint ticket which would have been particular beneficial to Eurosceptic MPs in marginal seats. This was well documented both on television and in the national press.  The idea was rejected by the party and it is now too late as such an arrangement would take time and discussion as well as agreement on behalf of both parties. We are only just over a year from the general election. It is indeed too late.

Thanks Nadine. 'Too late' was understood to mean by the lady who told us about it that it was 'too late' to turn around the Conservatives' fortunes too...

Can you clarify that you do believe the party will win the general election?

Best, Tim 

Oh, sorry, yes,of course! I very clearly stated that it was too late to make a pact with UKIP, that the time and moment had been a year ago and that it had now gone. There was no chance now, weeks before the Euros and once they were over we were into the general election campaign.  I then went on to explain how to neutralise the UKIP threat in that constituency, by making sure everyone knew that the only way to guarantee a say on our entry to the EU was to emphasise that we were the only party offering a guarantee of a referendum in 2017.

I spoke on the day Ed Miliband ruled out Labour offering a referendum and told them he had given us a great gift and they should make sure every house in every street knew that he didn't trust people with a referendum.

If anything, I told them that we had all to play for - highest employment ever since records began, economic recovery etc. I'm not sure we will win with a massive majority now that boundary changes didn't go through, but it think we could certainly push through on the basis that people cannot trust labour with the economy.

Ok thanks.

Our informant took the view the talk you gave was generally quite downbeat - I take on board that your 'too late' was a reference to the moment passing with Ukip, but I gather you went on to talk about Stewart Jackson's unhappy relationship with his local councillors. 

Best, Tim

Well that was in direct response to a question about Peterborough and how I thought that even an MP who didn't have a massive majority and not the most conservative of councils could win easily with a handsome majority 

Do you think you were 'downbeat'? I gather you also said you joined Weight Watchers in order to find out what women in your constituency were thinking.

Thanks, Tim

Blimey! Is nothing sacred in the Conservative family anymore!! 

No, I was very upbeat and have asked the Agent, David, who organised the event to email you and confirm that, which he has said he is doing. 

We had a good laugh, it was the very opposite of downbeat.

I am joining weight watchers because I need to lose weight and I said that I had joined one which was held in a constituents house on a new housing estate and as well as losing weight, it was a great way of keeping grounded and hearing what the women in my patch had to say. 

Again, it was in the 'How to beat Labour and connect with voters' part of my speech. 

Blimey, if you need to lose weight, then we all do!
Best and thanks, Tim

Tim, I am emailing you as I am the Agent to Hampstead & Kilburn Conservatives who organised Nadine Dorries visit to our constituency. 

As the guests all left feeling upbeat after Nadine had spoken I was suprised to hear that the Ham & High journalist has told you that Nadine said that we could not win the next General Election.

She came and delivered an upbeat speech about how we could win the next General Election. The references to being 'too late' was in regards to the now historical suggestion that UKIP be approached to form a electoral coalition with us.

In regards to references about Peterborough Nadine stressed that Stuart Jackson was confident about his chances as he has a great incumbency record and will be returned with an increased majority.

I hope that this clarifies the situation.

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