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Campaign Day in Milton Keynes
Posted Tuesday, 27 January 2015 at 12:20

Amanda Devlin of the Milton Keynes Citizen has done this great write-up and video of our campaign day for Iain Stewart MP on Saturday. As she writes...

"It’s not often you hear someone shout “oh my god there is a celebrity on my doorstep!”

But that’s exactly what happened when ex-I’m a Celebrity star Nadine Dorries MP came to support MK South MP Iain Stewart for a campaign day on Saturday.

The pair were joined by almost 50 volunteers who knocked on more than 750 doors and delivered 2,000 leaflets as the countdown to the general election intensifies.

Ms Dorries, who campaigned in the heart of Woburn Sands with Mr Stewart, said: “The reaction was really positive from people on the doorstep.

“Iain has created a really good impression because he has worked so hard.

“You wonder sometimes if people know that, but they really do, and I think that is a result of Iain’s own assiduousness in reporting back to people, his profile in the media and the work that he does - you can’t fault him.

“He’s one of the nicest guys you could possibly meet.”

To mark the 100-day countdown to the election, I spent the day filming with the Milton Keynes Conservatives last week.

Come rain or shine, Mr Stewart’s dedicated volunteers have spent the last year door-knocking to gather people’s views and tell them the Conservative’s priorities “to secure a brighter future”.

They are backing Mr Stewart to come out on top in May’s election by maintaining his 5,000 majority.

Mr Stewart said: “I was very grateful to have my friend and colleague Nadine come over the border to help.

“Politics is a team game; I couldn’t do this job myself.

“There are some 90,000 electors in my constituency - it’s not physically possible for me to knock on every single door, so I do need people to come out and help me.

“I’m very grateful to the young, the old and everyone in between who give up their spare time to come out and help.

“We have lots of fun and swap stories.”

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