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My First Election Message to Mid-Beds
Posted Thursday, 16 April 2015 at 08:12

For the past ten years I have had the privilege to serve as the MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, however, prior to this I trained as a nurse, became a mother of three and began my own business from an original idea, which I then sold. Having had experience of both the public and private sector, I chose to move into politics but first did my ‘training,’ by fighting a no hope seat and then working for the shadow chancellor for three years. 

During my time as the MP for Mid Bedfordshire I have fought off and opposed the building of an industrial sized waste incinerator, 30,000 inappropriately placed homes, a landfill site, a view obliterating wind farm, numerous gypsy and traveller sites and the sprawl of Milton Keynes into Mid-Beds. I was very proud to be described as a ‘Prime Ministerial irritant,’ forcing David Cameron to reject a plan to turn Mid-Beds into a garden city, which would have altered our communities beyond recognition.

Recently, I hauled Thameslink-Govia into Parliament and demanded a better service for commuters and lobbied ministers on behalf of Bedfordshire Police, helping to win an additional £4. 3 million of funding.

I was one of only a handful of MPs to vote for an immediate referendum on our membership of the EU, voted against increases to the EU budget and have consistently voted and pressed for an EU referendum and a point’s style system of immigration, similar to that used by Australia, Canada and other Commonwealth countries. I am known as a ‘rebel’ because I have always put my constituents and Mid-Beds before party politics. In Parliament this does not make for an easy life!

Without doubt, the most important and rewarding aspect of my work has been the weekly surgeries, where over ten years I have had the chance to help many thousands of constituents with their own, often serious, problems. I have championed business growth and am delighted that we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

I am not going to make empty politician promises, but I can give you a sample of what I have already achieved and how I have spent my time as your MP and ask that you return me to Westminster to continue the hard work, which is necessary to keep Mid-Beds as the great place we have all chosen to live.

Nadine Dorries

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