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Boris and Bleak House.
Posted Sunday, 17 September 2017 at 10:09

An article penned by Boris Johnson, is a beautiful thing. He is Immediately identifiable as the original author. In a world of plentiful political utterances, where every single word is put through the interdicting process of speech writing teams producing anodyne and immediately forgettable commentary, it is, beautiful.

What other politician would reference Jarndyce v Jarndyce, the background plot to Dickens Bleak House depicting a protracted court case lasting for many generations when writing about the EU? The answer is none. There is simply no other politician with the mental agility to draw a parallel between the epic Bleak House and the monumental ‘cats cradle of red tape,’ that binds members of the European Union. The intentional bureaucratic process that restrains citizens from taking advantage of the new, exciting, technological world in which we live. In Bleak House Dickens writes in reference to Jarndyce v Jarndyce,

this scarecrow of a suit has, over the course of time, become so complicated, that no man alive knows what it means.’ Dickens could have been writing about the EU today. Boris was.

The article in itself is, in direct contrast to Bleak House, a sunny optimistic vision of Britain following Brexit. And, we can never forget, Boris was the key player in delivering Brexit on behalf of the British people. He details in words impossible to disagree with, the reasons to be cheerful and in doing so, sets a fantastic platform on which to launch the conference season. He builds a supporting framework within which our Prime Minister will deliver her Florence speech next week. To the journalists in a post Boris article spin, this is not a leadership challenge, there is no appetite for that. MPs don’t want one, Conservative party members don’t want one, and the country would never forgive us if we held one. What MPs want is Theresa May to deliver an advantageous Brexit, in which we can increase our trade markets, cut VAT, simplify tax, embrace technology, invest in the NHS, science and the environment and so much more. And then, as in the closing lines of Bleak House, it will be over.

‘We asked him if he knew what was doing in it? He said, really no he did not, nobody ever did; but as well as he could make out, it was over. Over for the day? we asked him. No, he said; over for good.

Over for good!

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