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My Vote This Evening
Posted Tuesday, 15 January 2019 at 16:19

We were once told that no deal is better than a bad deal. I still believe that’s true.

As evidenced by comments from the EU negotiators, we haven’t even tried to negotiate a good deal, one that could pass the test of Parliament. 

From the moment the calamitous Chequers proposals were published it’s been clear the government is seeking an arrangement that is too close to the EU, following EU rules and adhering to EU standards.

The withdrawal agreement as it stands leaves us 
subject to Brussels’ laws but with no voice and no say in making them. That is the worst of all possible worlds.

My fear is that we will end up locked into alignment with the EU, at the mercy of 27 member states whose interests clash with our own. That fear was only made worse when I read about the provisions of the backstop.

I am a Conservative and Unionist MP. I cannot vote for an agreement that would treat Northern Ireland as a second rate province, the first step to imposing the unification of the island of Ireland.

I supported Brexit in the 2016 referendum because of the potential of trade agreements we should be making around the world but can’t because of Brussels’ inflexibility. Within the backstop we would remain subject to the EU’s trade policy and still unable to forge our own destiny.

As if all that weren’t enough, if the withdrawal agreement is ratified we will be landed with a £39 billion divorce bill. I just cannot accept this is a reasonable amount.

The size of the divorce bill sums up Europe’s approach to the negotiations. Of course, they have been admirably united. And why not? It’s in the interests of all the other 27 states to keep milking us for as long as they can, then take advantage of us on the terms of the withdrawal agreement and hope to do the same thing on the future trading arrangements.

It’s time we pushed back against this, as we should have from the start.

If the deal is voted down tonight, I suspect the EU may miraculously come back with better terms. It’s what they always do. We can then consider if they are good enough. If not, we will reject them again. Remember, no deal is better than a bad deal.

Leaving the EU on WTO terms has been portrayed by Remainers in such blood curdling terms even they can’t really believe them. An inverted pyramid of piffle, as Boris might say.

If the best way to build a positive, balanced future relationship with Europe is by leaving on WTO terms, so be it.

There will be no suspended flights, no shortages of food and, as the deputy mayor of Calais assured us, no long tail backs of lorries. What there will be however, is the opportunity to strike profitable trade deals with countries around the globe, to the benefit of prosperity and jobs in the U.K.

For all these reasons I will be voting against the withdrawal agreement this evening.

If the EU come back with a deal that removes the backstop, reduces the divorce payment and allows us to negotiate free trade deals, I will happily vote for that.

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