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Posted Wednesday, 3 July 2019 at 14:22

If you have been trying to keep up to date with the leadership election via the filter of media bias and misinformation which the Conservative Party party so enjoys, you have my unending sympathy.

In the next few days, our party members will receive their ballot papers from CCHQ in order to cast their votes.

It has long been my belief that the future of the Conservative Party has been under threat. At best, it was misguided to believe that we could hold a national referendum and then simply fail to deliver on the result and survive as a political force. At worst, we have had attempts by many to prevent us leaving the EU by whatever means possible.

The last three years of negotiation to leave the EU has left our country humiliated, our party on the verge of extinction, and Jeremy Corbyn and the Brexit Party on the cusp of power. We only just held onto power in 2017, lost very badly in the recent local and EU elections and failed to win a by-election in a seat we held until ’17.

As history dictates, the writing is very clearly on the wall.

As these elections clearly told us, our voters have deserted the Conservative Party because we have not kept our promise to deliver Brexit. This is our very last chance to put things right.

If we get this wrong and fail to deliver Brexit, we risk the chaos and uncertainty of Jeremy Corbyn, the Brexit Party, an emboldened SNP in Scotland and the death of our Party as we know it. This cannot be stated strongly enough. This letter from me to you is not about my urging you to endorse my own preferred candidate, but to ask you to save both our party and the country that our children and grandchildren will work and live in.

If Corbyn ever comes to power, there is a strong possibility that even if our party did survive in some small way, we will never take power again.

We know that Labour will vote to introduce votes at sixteen. We know that Corbyn is fighting to take power because he is desperate to do whatever it takes to ensure that the Conservative Party is never in power again. This would be easily achieved by introducing an alternative voting system. I cannot state the threat to our party and our future strongly enough. If we fail to elect the right candidate, we may never be in government again. This once great country will be destroyed by the introduction of a socialism that will be far worse than that which we experienced in the 1970’s because it will be legislated for and sustained. Once the first past the post voting system is lost to us, it will never be returned.

This is why we must leave the EU on October 31st, with or without a deal, so we can begin to unite our country, restore trust in our politics and our party, and move beyond Brexit to focus on those issues (jobs, education, housing) that voters care about.

Regardless of our own personal preferences with regard to personalities, we now know as a result of intensive polling that only one candidate standing for the leadership of the Conservative Party can save the country from Corbyn and that is Boris Johnson.
  71% of believe he is the only candidate to be trusted to deliver Brexit. Boris led the Leave campaign and delivered the Referendum result. Jeremy Hunt voted remain. It is clear that the majority of voters will only trust in a leader who also voted leave. Who regards it as a personal commitment to deliver on the promises he made during the leave campaign.

As Mayor of London Boris cut tax, cut crime, invested in infrastructure, expanded the Living Wage, built more affordable housing and oversaw the best Olympics in living memory. Londoners voted for him twice, even though the Conservative party was 17% behind in the polls because he delivered on his promises and made London a better place to live.

As Foreign Secretary, in difficult and sensitive circumstances he led the international response to the Salisbury Novichok poisoning and delivered the expulsion of 158 Russian spies from our own and foreign shores, a devastating blow to Putin’s intelligence network.

Boris will build a team that delivers Brexit, defeats Corbyn, unites our party and our country and reinforces the Conservative values that have been the foundation of our success so that Britain can move beyond Brexit and secure a brighter future for all of us.

I am not asking members to vote for Boris because I have long held the belief that he is the right candidate, but because intensive polling has shown us that 61% of Conservative voters believe he is the only leader who can beat Corbyn as opposed to 19% for Hunt. We need to ensure that MPs receive a message from you that is unequivocal and empowering - to get on with it. To stop trying to kick Brexit into the long grass and hope that it fails because the British public will not accept that and they are sending us that message loud and clear in the voting booths. You may have voted remain, but we all understand the fundamental importance of honouring a democratic vote.

Vote for Boris Johnson as our next Leader and Prime Minister to deliver Brexit. To defeat and save us from Corbyn. To make the Brexit party and Farage redundant. To excite, energise and inspire a whole new generation to vote Conservative and to introduce true Conservative policies that we haven’t seen the likes of since the days of Margaret Thatcher. To keep Britain safe.

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