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Terrorism, tea, and bacon butties
Posted Sunday, 4 February 2007 at 11:19


If you buy a Sunday newspaper today, make sure it’s the Sunday Times and read Minette Marrin. I’m not sure if this particular article is online. I am a bit old fashioned and like to read my Sunday Newspapers still in my PJ’s, curled up on the sofa with lots of tea and bacon butties!


I hope David Davis reads it. It is a general election manifesto shopping list of practical common sense measures which would make the general public say ‘Yes!’ that’s what we want!!


If we want to keep our country safe and irradicate terrorism this is what we have to do. It takes bravery though, and guts, and absolute commitment to put forward such ideas within the party political arena.


If only!


Politics is becoming exciting again; there are so many un-knowns up ahead.


When will Tony go? Will cash for peerages damage Gordon? Will Gordon have a good honeymoon bounce? Will he call a snap election? Will Ming wake up? Will Cameron produce the manly policies the country is waiting for?


If politics is your thing - it’s enough to make the knees go weak!



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