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If you don't feel, you can't heal
Posted Monday, 22 January 2007 at 09:40


When I was out campaigning on Saturday a lady asked me if classical music was my passion. She had read my blog. I suppose I have mentioned a couple of classical tracks; However, I do love all music.


I really love classical crossover. For example Cantamus Girls Choir singing Coldplay's ‘I will fix you’, or William Orbit's ‘Adagio for strings’, which is a kind of trance version of a classical great. A true purist, reading this, will be squirming.


True classical music does, however, have the ability to reach down into your very soul and open up your mind.


 It helps you to feel.


To feel, is something as a politician, you really need to do.


We have all sat in a traffic jam on the M25 and know the frustration that brings. We may have been on an NHS waiting list, or not been able to get the right school place for our child, or have personal experience of someone who has suffered with MRSA. We have all spent hours waiting for a train that never comes – there are certain political problems which we don’t have to work very hard at to connect with.  


But how do we know what it feels like to suffer excruciating debt, or to look a baliff in the eye? How many MPs spend every morning trying to persuade a terrified Autistic child to go through the mainstream school gates where political dogma dictates he goes?


How do we know what it’s like to be a child growing up in Baghdad?


Not so easy.


If a politician doesn’t know how it feels, how can they hope to make the right decisions? Because at the end of every decision we make as MPs, with every vote cast, no matter how small, the life of a person is affected in some way. Sadly, I think that fact is forgotten, most of the time.


Listen to Cantumus Girls Choir today singing ‘I will fix you’, it’s on EMI records. It will mellow you out and set you up for the day!

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