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Posted Saturday, 20 January 2007 at 16:46


There has never been a day in Parliament to equal, either in terms of satisfaction or enjoyment, a day in the constituency.


I have spent today on the streets of Flitwick asking people to sign a petition to save our rural buses. The look on peoples faces as I bound up to them in my jeans, Ugg boots and a flying scarf, and then the smile which spreads across their face when they realise who I am, is a picture!


You can draw a dividing line between MPs - those who enjoy Parliament and all the resultant debating and legislation creating which goes with it, or those who enjoy their constituencies and the interaction with constituents. We need both.


Of course, all MPs enjoy Parliament and their constiuencies, you couldn't do the job given the hours it takes if you didn't, but we all lean a little heavier to one side or the other.


For myself, to represent Mid Beds in Parliament is an honour - to work on behalf of my constituents within Mid Beds is a blessing.


Today, it was a laugh!

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