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Posted Thursday, 18 January 2007 at 16:43

I went home last night to make sure I caught Big Brother. No…. the fact that Desperate Housewives was on straight afterwards had nothing to do with my mad dash for the train  - as someone who has a natural passion for observing how society operates and as a politician finding myself in the position of having to answer questions on Big Brother, this was purely research.


I didn’t know there was a fellow Liverpudlian in it, Danielle Lloyd, disgraced former Miss Great Britain. She was in the diary room last night.


Liverpudlians have distinctive qualities. A strong sense of humour, loyal, very loving, caring and forgiving, a bit like human Labradors. Yes, I have heard the entire repertoire of tyres off the car jokes, but I am  talking qualities here, not faults!


As Danielle went into the diary room I knew I could write the script.


She was charged with having said that Shilpa should go back to her own country – that wasn’t racism, it was ignorance and stupidity and other things I can’t put on this blog because I am an MP, but not racism.


Danielle’s face when what she had said was repeated back to her was predictable – she crumpled. The dawning realisation of what she had said was there for all to see as it slowly, and I repeat very slowly, sank in.


Tell a scally off  ( a naughty scouser) and they immediately fall into a state of acute remorse. That's because most  are from catholic origin and guilt is never very far from the surface.


Jade Goody, however, now that’s a different story. I applaud Carphone Warehouse for pulling their sponsorship and whichever shop it is that sells Jade Goody’s perfume for withdrawing the perfume.


A little while ago I wrote a blog about how the moral markers between right and wrong in terms of behaviour and what is acceptable in society have all but disappeared. Jade Goody, whether we like it or not, is a UK role model. How sad is that?


As the beautiful, sophisticated, educated, talented, best body in Bollywood Shilpa said last night “I am here representing India, if this is the face of the UK today it’s scary”.


That just about says it all doesn’t it.



As I finished typing this I offered to make a cup of tea for the office. I reached up to take the mugs down from the top of the filing cabinet, (it’s taller than I) As I scooped up the mugs, I realised too late that they were full from the last round as the tea poured down my hair and my shirt. This was just as Pippa announced that my train had been cancelled, the hotels are full and my daughter is trapped in Winchester… great.

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