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Posted Wednesday, 17 January 2007 at 15:08

I can barely type this, the shame! My researcher has just told me that the Simon Mayo interview was the worst I have ever done. He is furious because I didn’t prepare and was running all over the place this morning. I went into the interview thinking this isn’t going to be good.


 I fell into a classic interviewer’s trap and Simon Mayo got me, big time. Not only did he get me, but Kitty Usher (Labour MP for Burnley) piled in like a dog with a rag. Actually, Kitty is very good and very well liked; she will make a great Minister one day.


Simon Mayo asked me if I had voted for control orders – this is how my brain works on live radio; the sensible side is saying, “yes you did, of course you did because that’s the right thing to do” – the suspicious side of my brain is thinking, “why has he asked only me that question? Is he deliberately trying to trip me up? Does he know something I don’t”?!


I answered stupidly, and slowly, that I didn’t know, at which point the sensible side of my brain was screaming at me “of course you do you stupid woman”, so I replied hesitantly something like, “yes I would have done”.


Kitty didn’t stop, she went on and on! Actually it was quite amusing and we did have a laugh about it when we got outside the studio, after I had hit her over the head, playfully I might add, with the order paper.


The most irritating aspect of this complete failure on my part is that seconds were wasted discussing how due to a lack of finance and resources a suspected criminal who is known the have had jihad training in Afghanistan is on the loose.


But thanks Kitty, because I learnt a very important lesson today and made a mistake I will never, ever make again!


However, although I say that, we vote so often on so many small amendments that it is impossible to know or remember how you vote on every issue when only presented with the headline, so maybe I should never say never!

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