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Posted Tuesday, 9 January 2007 at 13:25

Media… it’s the engine that drives political agendas, unfortunately.


You can’t win though. In yesterday’s Independent I was described as a ‘true professional’ and a ‘rebel’. Today on the daily Politics Show I was described as a loyal Cameron MP!


On PM tonight I am commenting on the fact that PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) are making women wait to have terminations. Apparently PCTs have quotas for such things and if this month’s quota has been used up and someone is waiting for a termination they will have to wait until the next month.


Any woman who becomes pregnant and decides to terminate that pregnancy has rights


A right to help, counselling, and advice --- and a period of time to reflect upon her decision, a period of informed consent.


However, the NHS has an obligation that once a thoughtful decision has been made to terminate then the termination should be carried out as quickly and as humanely as possible.


It is completely unacceptable for PCTs to set a quota on the number of terminations to be carried out each month without clinical consideration.


Bureaucrats are not medically qualified.


They don’t know the effect that pushing a woman into the third trimester for a termination would have on the woman or the foetus


Very few women take the decision to terminate lightly. They do feel acute anxiety and distress, and that anxiety and distress is with them every minute of every day until the termination takes place


 PCT bureaucrats are exacerbating that distress - they are making the whole process of termination that much more inhumane.


Research very clearly shows us that many women suffer with mental health problems later in life as a result of termination. This was documented in detail in the Fergusson Report.


I would rather that far fewer women went through the process of termination. But I am a realist and know that to achieve this will take time, patience and hard work.


What the government are trying to achieve by condoning the process of making pregnant women who know they are going to terminate wait in the wings without support or help simply defeats me.

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