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In the Arms of Angels
Posted Tuesday, 2 January 2007 at 12:09

I couldn’t sleep last night and came downstairs at 3am, made a cup of tea and watched the Classic FM music channel on Sky.


‘In the Arms of Angels’ was playing as I switched on the TV. It reminds you of the New York fire-fighters and especially 9.11.


I was shopping in the World trade Centre on 9.6. I can remember every conversation I had and especially the face of one young assistant – I will always wonder if she got out.


If only politicians were as brave as fire-fighters, especially MPs. Problem is that when an MP faces a challenging situation, even if he or she charges in, they run smack into a greasy pole.


What happens to brave MPs who attempt to circumnavigate the pole? Churchill was ostracised in the 30’s for his views on the dangers posed by Hitler’s fascism, Heseltine resigned over Westland - and IDS, who never held office when we were in government because of his role in the Maastricht Treaty - and still suffered when leader of the Conservative party at the hands of those who don’t let go.


I switched off the TV and went back to bed.


It’s difficult when looking around at my intake of MPs across all parties to know who will be the brave men and women of the future. Who will actually make a difference? Will we be brave when it’s called upon us to be?  I suppose only time will tell. I know this though.... thinking about my fellow MPs sent me straight to sleep!

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