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Posted Saturday, 30 December 2006 at 11:48

Following on from yesterday, I have discovered that Hazel Blears hasn’t even formally raised the issue of the hospital unit closing in her constituency with Patricia Hewitt the Secretary of State for health!!! As an MP, if you are serious and are doing your job properly, that’s your first base – speak to the minister who has the authority to say stop!


Alistair Burt and I have certainly raised the issues regarding Bedford hospital with Patricia Hewitt in her own office; face to face in what could be described as a robust manner (click on reverse arrow on calendar and see blog entry Nov 29 and 30)


Alistair and I have a different agenda from Hazel Blears. We are fighting to save Bedford Hospital, she is simply going through the cosmetic exercise of making the right noises and issuing the right press releases at the right time to make it look as though she wants to save her hospital - whilst all along supporting the government’s policy of cuts and closures.


I wonder how many other health ministers issued press releases to their local papers protesting about what was happening to their local hospital without ever having raised the issue on the floor of the House of Commons, in a committee, Westminster Hall, an adjournment debate or with the Secretary of State for health? My guess…. every single one of them.

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