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Posted Friday, 29 December 2006 at 11:21

If you want to witness political cynicism look no further than Hazel Blears opposing the hospital closure in her Salford constituency. If you want to see first hand how the BBC pedals political bias listen to or read the headline – ‘Minister opposing hospital closure embarrasses government’ – no it doesn’t, who are they kidding? The BBC wants us to believe a minister is being bold.


Hazel Blears chose to oppose the government the day after Boxing Day, when Parliament is in recess and when MPs and mainstream journalists like the rest of the country, are on holiday. It was an ‘expose bad news day’ as opposed to ‘bury  bad news day’, whatever the principle is the same - do it on a day when something else dominates the headlines, or when no one is around to notice, or everyone is busy doing normal things like celebrating Christmas. The impact is the same, minimal.


When the hospital does close, and when Hazel Blears is being considered for re selection due to boundary changes, she will wax lyrical about how in the face of Patricia Hewitt she stood out against the governments policy of hospital cuts and closures because she put her constituents and Salford first. Yeah right Hazel, of course you did – if it’s so important why didn’t you stand up and protest during the adjournment debate in Parliament on the last day of the sitting when all MPs have the chance to speak and have it recorded in Hansard, televised on the Parliament channel and watched and recorded by journalists? I would call her a coward, however, having seen the way Patrick Hall, MP for Bedford, with a very small majority, has ducked the issue with regard to Bedford hospital - he takes that title hands down. It’s about saving political necks, that’s what comes first. The good people of Salford when it comes to election or re selection day will muse on the fact that the hospital may have closed, but Hazel did try her best. Did she?  

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