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Posted Wednesday, 27 December 2006 at 11:28



Now that the Christmas festivities are almost over most of us will slip lethargically into the no mans land between Christmas and New Year, waiting for the next round of overeating and drinking. For those of you who like me are political anoraks, here are a few suggestions to ease you through those few days;


Put 18 Doughty Street into Google. It’s a newish internet based talk TV station which runs for four hours a night and bills itself as politics for adults. Actually it was almost impossible for me to watch before this week, I used to have it playing in the background if I was working in the office at night, but it’s something you have to listen to and follow. It specialises in deep political interviews with leading politicians, without the sound bites. The reason why I can watch it now is because the clever people who run the station have archived the interviews and you can dip in and out as you wish – which means I can now watch the interviews I want, when I want, for as long as I want.


Buy a boxed set of West Wing. I am becoming a wing nut and have set myself the challenge of watching series six and seven over the holiday week.


Read political blogs. If you are reading this then look up a few others, Iain Dale is excellent, astute and amusing, as is Guido Fawkes. If you want to read other MPs try Ed Vaizey Con or Lynn Featherstone LD, both seasoned bloggers. If you are a Conservative, or not even, go to - it’s a web site for the grass root members of the Conservative party and frankly is a headache to the party most of the time - must be the best political/blog website there is.


Why am I doing this? Well my daughters are aged between 15 and 21, they are all home for Christmas. They have friends they have known, and who have known me since birth. There are never less than nine, quite often as many as twenty young adults, sometimes at 1am, who want feeding. I don’t mind this – in fact I love it – I love young people, however, if it all gets too noisy I sit in front of a computer with a cup of tea, a turkey sandwich and a pair of headphones and claim to be working! Easy peasy!!

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