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Iraq, Afghanistan - Jesus, Love
Posted Monday, 18 December 2006 at 00:20

Iraq, Afghanistan – Jesus, Love



I went to evensong at my church on Sunday, there were about ten of us in attendance. I suppose trying to get people to attend church against a backdrop of religious wars is a tough call for any vicar. It must be hard to explain what God is up to when it comes to wars, drought and Tsunamis.


Christmas is a time to remind ourselves, in this world of angst and religious extremism, that Christianity is based on forgiveness, peace, truth, kindness and love - and yet we only have to look to Northern Ireland and the city of my birth, Liverpool, to see how such a pure message of hope and salvation can become distorted and result in bloodshed.


What hope is there for Iraq and Afghanistan? Countries at war whose fundamental complex religious principles can and are grossly misinterpreted for the benefit of self-interested groups and individuals.


God has a lot on his plate at the moment, and I do not suppose he’s worrying about how many people attend a cold village church on a dark Sunday evening - but I can’t help thinking, if our churches were full of people in united prayer for a peaceful world, he might at least feel he had a bit of support.


I have just realised that someone may think what is she doing posting at 00.30. Well, it's because I am a mum as well as an MP and I am waiting for the mince pies and cakes to finish in the oven for my daughter to take into school in the morning. Yes, I do, I make my own cakes and I will be in London for a 9am meeting - nauseating aren't I !

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