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Posted Tuesday, 12 December 2006 at 09:28

We all know that in order to raise a child with any level of success you need to establish boundaries. Children need to know just how far they can go in all aspects of their life. If they don’t know what and where the limits are they become insecure – having no boundaries to a child is very scary.


This is because children know there is possibly no limit to their strength or wilfulness. They don’t know how far they can go until they get there, and anyway, pushing the boundaries is a natural part of development. If there aren’t any boundaries there how do we learn to compromise and accept what is established and appropriate behaviour?


Unfortunately, one can draw parallels between society today and a toddler. There are no moral markers anymore, no acceptable boundaries - Drugs, alcohol, sex, lack of respect for the older generation. Explicit advertising, TV, computer games, bad language, probity in public life  – whatever it is – we have removed the boundaries which used to keep our society secure. The limit to where it was both morally and socially acceptable to step up to as an adult has all but gone.


We now pick whatever it is we want from the menu of life, anything goes.


This is the reason why I so welcomed the report from Iain Duncan Smith yesterday which talks about the importance of family life and the effect that marital breakdown can have on young children.


Children must come first. Even if marital breakdown is unavoidable, parents should consider how best to maintain a framework of family life and plan a future, which puts the emotional as well as the physical needs of the children concerned at the forefront.


Do I sound like I am preaching? Well, maybe I am. Isn’t that one of the problems with modern society, that we are all reticient of venturing forth an opinion for fear of condemnation? Don’t we all now close our doors and keep opinions to ourselves - and is society better off for it? A strong society is self policing. It doesn’t depend on legislators alone; it thrives on a strong voluntary sector, good neighbours, active churches and brave individuals like Iain - who are not afraid to say it as it is.

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