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10 Minute Rule Bill Re Abortion
Posted Monday, 30 October 2006 at 11:29
I met Gloria Hunniford on the Heaven and Earth show yesterday, I could almost feel her pain. When I said goodbye I wanted to give her a big hug  - you can tell that tears aren't very far from the surface. In the car on the way back to Woburn I let my thoughts drift to how I would cope if I lost one of my daughters, but I quickly went into reverse gear   - I just couldn't go there.
An abortion rights organisation apparently think that my ten minute rule bill is the beginning of the end - that it is part of a concerted campaign to end abortion altogether. They really do need to get out more.
It's web site encourages people to lobby their MPs to attend the chamber on Tuesday when I make my speech and vote against me.
Given that public opinion is overwhelmingly with me, it will be very interesting to see  what up until now, pro choice MPs do - especially those with marginal seats.
Will they vote pro choice or pro vote? Or will they suddenly have pressing business to attend to?
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