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Frozen Eggs?
Posted Wednesday, 25 October 2006 at 11:02

I decided yesterday that I am going to have my eggs frozen.

Every paper this week has run stories about how healthy and possible it is to have a baby at any age you want, and as I am feeling very broody at the moment what with all this scanning, why not?

Rang my three teenage girls to run it past them first. No3 answered the phone. The thing about being an MP in London and the girls being at home is that they can lie to me with ease because I can’t see their faces.

The conversations went like this;

Have you done your homework, packed your bag, put your shoes where you can find them had a shower and done your teeth – the answer to all was of course yes.

Then I heard the words in the background which strike fear into my heart. Daughter No 2 said to No3  “is that my top you are wearing”. A battle ensued that General Mike Jackson would have been proud of – The dogs joined in, it was hard to hear the shouting over the barking, I heard the hamster cage smash to the floor and put the phone down.

Mmmm, maybe not.

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