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Meeting With Professor Campbell
Posted Tuesday, 24 October 2006 at 16:13

I am turning into a geek - I found myself thinking on my way to the office that I must do my blog!

Tom my intern and I are living a surreal life at the moment. We bowl from meeting to meeting trying to take in the facts, statistics, opinions and information people are throwing at us with regard to the whole issue of abortion. You may have seen the picture of Prof Campbell and I at his clinic this morning. It is an incredibly moving experience to see a new life for the very first time. I wanted to check out whether the claims of some pro choice organisations that the images maybe enhanced are true.

Well I have brought photos of the baby I saw this morning and scanned them into my computer using a bog standard scanner - no enhancements here, we haven't got a clue, putting them through the scanner was testing enough!! You can draw your own conclusions.

The weirdest thing that happened to me today was that when I went to reception to meet yet another eminent neonatal professor I walked straight into my predecessor, the former Mid Beds MP Jonathan Sayeed! He looked in good form and I am glad that he appears to have left his troubles behind him and made a new life for himself.


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