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Another day.
Posted Tuesday, 3 October 2006 at 12:18

Ok so I am a rubbish blogger! Note to self – I must try harder!


It has been frantic for me since I made my last entry and I can’t even begin to bore you with all I have done. I spoke at a prayer breakfast yesterday, and for once in my life I was fashionably early. My PA, bless her had made a typo on my schedule and put me down for speaking from 7am-9am. It should have been 8am! So having had not a lot of sleep the night before due to preparing for the speech and a TV interview I was up at 5.45 and I could have had a whole hour more! My researcher, Peter Hand, was insufferable all day due to the fact that he made an excellent speech on the environment from the platform (See it here), I’m not bringing him again!  The atmosphere here is very upbeat, the conference is slick polished, well organised, and today is a beautiful day!


To make up for being so completley hopeless at this I am going to get some practice in and make another entry later today!

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