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Posted Monday, 26 February 2007 at 09:36

The Adam Boulton show was a learning curve. I didn't know, never having done a paper review before, that I was supposed to pick a list of articles I wanted to talk about from the Sunday papers. So hello, staff, why did nobody tell me this?!

I got the papers at seven and read every one back to front. Sky sent a car for me and I read all the way from Woburn to Islington - when I got to the studio I was as sick as a dog.

I was sure that what would happen was that we would sit down with Adam Boulton and he would  spring a couple of articles on us out if the Blue, and therefore I needed to be well prepared for the sneakiness of the man!

A strong coffee in make up sorted out the sickness and then about 10 minutes before we were due to go on they came and asked me which stories I had chosen? Whaaaat? If I had known that I would have chosen three and have planned what I was going to say rather than winging it on the hoof in the rather clumsy way I did.

The other guests were interesting, especially Michael Cockerell who has made a film about Tony Blair, second part to be filmed this week. He told me he read my blog - I said "you read my blog", this man is a very distinguished journalist, he said "Nadine, we all read your blog" - flip!

Apologies to Peter Diapre (The Political Producer for Sky News) hope I didn't let you down too much - I will know what I'm doing next time - if there ever is next time!

John said:
Responded: Monday, 26 February 2007
Throughout my many years I hoped one day to come across a politician who actually came across as warm and caring honest, and truly represented their constituents.No spin,no airs and graces. The more I learn about my MP (yes you Nadine) the more my disenchantment with modern politics fades and the reality of voting for the first time in thirty years for an MP becomes a certainty. Well done Nadine, and maybe one day Mr Cameron will be giving up his seat(chair) for you.
Dave said:
Responded: Monday, 26 February 2007
You may have come only ninth in Adam Boulton's most fancied survey but you come top in my poll for the most honest, amusing and humane Member of Parliament I know. I prefer politicians who can answer off the hoof as you tend to get a more honest answer. Keep up the good work Nadine!
Jamie said:
Responded: Monday, 26 February 2007
I saw your newspaper review and you came across very well Nadine. A lack of preparation wasn't atall noticeable, and you clearly spoke with passion and authority on the reduction in the time limit for abortions.
Simon said:
Responded: Monday, 26 February 2007
Nadine, you were first class. Natural, engaging and passionate about the subjects that mattered. Your blog has utterly captivated me (and I'm sure many others) over the last few weeks. I owe ConservativeHome one for pointing it out. You have an authenticity in the way you communicate which is simply inspiring. I for one hope to see more of you on Sky!
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