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Liverpool V Barcelona
Posted Wednesday, 7 March 2007 at 16:40

I had a tough call to make last night - Liverpool v Barcelona, or take my daughter for a pizza. The fact that I have Sky+ had nothing to do with the fact that the pizza won!


One of my highlights since I became an MP was meeting David Moores and some of the Liverpool football team when they came to the House of Commons to a reception hosted by the Speaker in honour of the European cup winners.


Michael Howard introduced us and for a moment I was completely star struck and tongue tied, not a frequent occurrence!


David told me the story of how low down and dejected the team were at half time in that amazing match, when suddenly down the tunnel, like a wave washing over them came the sound of the fans singing ‘you will never walk alone’. He said it filled the dressing room and a change came over the team – the supporters really lifted their spirits. Remember the film Crocodile Dundee when at the end the people on the subway platform each lift him along on their arms? Well for the LFC the support the fans gave to them when they were 3-0 down had the same effect. You will never walk alone lifted them back out onto the pitch. The supporters saved the night.


On another point which has nothing to do with Lords reform – I downloaded a track by Regina Spektor, ‘Fidelity’, onto my nano ages ago, and now everyone’s singing it, I hate that! She' a bit like Imogen Heap without the Parrot

Click Here To Watch It     

What else can I talk about that has nothing to do with Lords reform – nothing, I have to work. For the avoidance of doubt my postbag has not been bursting with letters about the proportionality of the elected element of the second chamber. My constituents are all far more interested in who has got through to the quarter final, however, I probably will vote later for 80 – 20. Why? Why not? It’s all totally futile. There are so many options in the votes that no overall conclusion will be reached. Lords reform will stall and be kicked into the long grass again. Don’t agree with me? Let’s talk again in six months.


UPDATE   having studied all the options available I have only voted for option 1, to retain an upper chamber. The other 9 options are politicians self indulgence. I have never seen such twaddle. I would be embarassed to show this order paper to any man or woman in the street. You can all ask the question "Is this what we pay our taxes for " with complete justification today. I am looking forward to my surgery on Friday back in the real world - I bet everyone wants to discuss tonight!

Lilly Evans said:
Responded: Saturday, 10 March 2007
I quite know what you mean about 'walking into it'! Seems you did well there anyway. Thanks for the link to Regina Spektor - never heard of her before and I like her music. Do carry on, you are one of very few Conservative MP bloggers.
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