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The Pope moment
Posted Monday, 19 March 2007 at 10:22

I am sorry for not blogging over the weekend. I blog when I have five minutes spare and the truth is, I haven’t had five minutes.


Friday was a mad day. My researcher and intern were due to meet me at my home at 9.30am. We had an extensive tour of the constituency planned to highlight British Tourism Week. We were to begin at Woburn Safari Park at 10. Peter had arranged a tight programme of visits which was made slightly more difficult by the fact that we were producing our own promotional video of Mid Bedfordshire for the web site as we went. Timing was going to be crucial.


Peter and Skye arrived at 8.30 and didn’t even mention the fact that they were an hour early. I went upstairs to dry my hair whilst they made coffee and toast. They had come from London and must have been up since six.


They thought I didn’t know why they had come an hour early. I pretended I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that they were both panicking slightly and just a bit nervous. They were juggling venues, people and mobile phones, and continuing to run the London office on remote. Andy who was driving us around for the day was due to arrive at 9.45, and arrived at 9.


 I got the impression everyone would be relieved when the day was over.


We met the Duke of Bedford at the Safari Park. I had met him once before for about three minutes during the election campaign and he has telephoned me once, when I was in my kitchen making pancakes for my daughter and her friends.


I picked up the phone wearing an apron with a frying pan in my hand; I wasn’t expecting a call from a Duke.


He said “hello it’s Andrew here” I said “who” he said “Andrew Bedford” I said “sorry who” he said, slightly louder and with a hint of impatience “The Duke of Bedford”  ....“Oh, I’m sorry, your Grace”. Which, he obviously hasn’t yet realised, is what every mere mortal calls this lovely man!


I heard my daughter’s friend ask “who’s your mum talking to?"


Cassie was quiet for a moment - “The Pope” she said, as she flipped a pancake – right, like that happens all the time!


The Beds on Sunday have the story of the Mayor of Bedford messing up during the school's question time session on Thursday, which I blogged about from the school car park after the event, on the front page with the headline 'Mayor Drops The Baton' not the best headline when you are only six weeks away from asking the electorate for their vote.


 A friend said “you must be delighted”. Actually, I’m not. I have no doubt it will be my turn one day. Politics is the most unforgiving mistress. When I called for Frank’s resignation on the radio on Friday morning I did it in the full knowledge that one day, someone may be calling for mine.


Once ill chosen words are uttered from an elected mouth there is no going back – get it wrong, just for a split second, and your doomed.

John said:
Responded: Monday, 19 March 2007
You should have got them to walk the dogs-you missed a trick there. If you went through the big doors at the Duke's, those are the ones my father made many years ago for the present Duke's father and I can assure you that my dad called him something a lot more down to earth than Your Grace! Like you and Amy Robbins, the Duchess has been known to frequent Tescos in Flitwick You are destined for high office, chuck, so don't blow it. Poor old Mr. Branston getting himself in a right pickle and no mistake
Responded: Monday, 19 March 2007
Never mind about the Pope .... who's Amy Robbins?
Responded: Monday, 19 March 2007
Amy Robbins,sister of Ted and Kate, actress in The Royal, married to Robert Daws who plays the doctor in it. Neighbours of Nadines in W. Probably goes to Nadines for tea and pancakes.
Responded: Monday, 19 March 2007
Touch of the ol' Evan Davis at the end there Nadine!
Katie said:
Responded: Monday, 19 March 2007
Big day Friday for you Nadine. Can you give us an idea of what you are hoping to achieve. We ords. have little idea of parliamentary process and perhaps this may be the best way to 'connect' with some of us.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Are you sure you aren't delighted Nadine? You were pretty quick off the mark to the BoS and the radio - you blogged it for goodness sake within minutes of the event being over. By your own admissiojn form the car park. I think the lady may protest just a little too much here.
James said:
Responded: Tuesday, 20 March 2007
After reading your last paragraphs, I had visions of you appearing in the bedtime drink adverts, you know, those that include the one with the bus driver waiting until the fully laiden shopper runs upto the bus and the bus drives off leaving the lady stranded, Then it comes up with "I wonder how they sleep at night?" Then you see the driver relaxing at home, prior to going to bed, drinking a well known brand of bedtime drink. ......But then I realized that you would be wrongly cast for that role, as, unlike that busdriver, you were doing your job correctly. No that role model would be more suited to members of our present Government starting with TB. I can imagine the opening shots...filmed in Iraq, or an NHS Hospital,by a melting glacier,on a congested M25,by a certain Dome,at a buglary,in a prison,at a soldiers graveside......
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