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Chicken chicken!
Posted Wednesday, 28 March 2007 at 02:44

I didn’t rebel in the end, because we abstained, which was the right thing to do given that we are about to embark upon our own consultation into the effect of aircraft duty.


Our treasury team have also done an amazing job over the last week.


George and Mark Francois have worked together for five years now, Theresa Villiers slipped in well two years ago and they run like a well tuned Ferrari.


They have kept Gordon Brown on the back foot since he announced the budget. Theresa asked Timms, Gordons number two “Isn’t it true that every family earning less than £18,000 per year will be worse off” Timms stammered back a  “Not necessarily” – that was the best he, the chief secretary to the treasury, could do. Shame on him.


 It was a bad budget which hits the poor and struggling small business the worst. Gordon sat and grinned all the way through tonight, well I am sure he has lots to grin about, he has kept big business and the trade unions happy so that’s ok then.


The grin was as fake as it was fixed. This was his worst budget, he’s lost it, and he knows it – he has been too long in the wings.


Once when I was on the daily politics show, Andrew Neil told me that the Conservative party was in the gutter. I replied (quoting Wilde I think) that if we were, we were looking at the stars.


Looking at Gordon Brown tonight and watching our treasury team perform I realised, it’s only a short gap between the gutter and the stars, and we are already halfway there.


It’s 2.41am. If there are any typos I appologise.

James said:
Responded: Wednesday, 28 March 2007
If your a chicken, Nadine, I'm Bernard Matthews. All I can say is don't catch flu. The top 2-300 big businesses win in this budget,it's the little people, the backbone of this nation, who pay and keep paying under this government.Almost everyday now surveys are showing our children to be in the bottom of the leagues, the sane place, incidentally that Gordy takes when it comes to taking over from Blair. At least your associating with the right kind of supermodel (Ferarri).
Katie said:
Responded: Wednesday, 28 March 2007
The last time I saw a Labour frontbencher grinning on TV was when Tony Blair was offering his 'condolences' to the family of a soldier killed in Iraq hours before. This was as, I recall, just before PMQ's. One of the women ministers (think Beckett) was obviously saying something amusing to Prescott and he was grinning on camera. I'm biased though. Don't like the man. He's more famous for thumping members of the public,making finger gestures as he goes into no.10, and for playing games, instead of working.He and Frank Branston would probably get on well together.Quite often we look at parliament when televised and see some quite childish and appalling behaviour from 'grown men'. No wonder the next generation has lost respect for its elders.
Sally said:
Responded: Wednesday, 28 March 2007
I must admit I'm not keen on Prescott either. I was looking at his biog the other day. He was a waiter on a ship.He has a degree in Economics which I think this is a mistake. Judging by the size of this man it should be Home Economics. One up for the girls in Parliament, I have never seen any of them acting anything other than properly. May the day soon come that we have many more as our own Nadine. I hope the grin is soon wiped of the face of Brown.
Nadine said:
Responded: Wednesday, 28 March 2007
Tony and Cherie, Please set up your own blog site! You can't use mine,
Dave said:
Responded: Wednesday, 28 March 2007
Re your last comment,haven't you just voted yourselves an allowance of £10000 each to set up websites to engage further with the public? Does that mean ALL MPs will have them now or will it still be the progressive ones as yourself who use the internet.Can they only use this allowance for the internet or are they allowed to use it for example a part time researcher?
Anonymouse said:
Responded: Thursday, 29 March 2007
Hey Nadine, what ever has Tony and Cherie ever done to upset you? Come to think of it what have they ever done to upset anyone in this country? Even more, what have they ever done to upset anyone in the world? Answers please in book form to the Parliamentary Ombusman.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 29 March 2007
So your lack of rebellion would have had nothing to do with the Whips finding out about your little plan ? Truth or Dare, Nadine..
Nadine said:
Responded: Thursday, 29 March 2007
Truth, always! I didn't rebel because we abstained - so there was nothing to rebel against obviously!!!!! The whips did find out, from my blog - however, even though I once blogged and described my whip as the worst whip, he is actually the best! I would imagine that even he says the kind of things the rest of us do about the sad person who reads my blog and then rings the whip to tell.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Friday, 30 March 2007
Not just sad Nadine, probably a desperate oily creep going nowhere by his own ability and has to find some way of getting up the greasy pole and sees phoning the whips office as a way of getting there.This is how it happens. This is how creeps prosper. Parliament is full of oily creeps, MP's, journalists and researchers. I know, Ive worked there.
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