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I'm a Prime Minister, Get me out of here
Posted Thursday, 12 July 2007 at 11:51

As I watched Kay Burley interview Gordon Brown on a train this Sunday, a thought occurred to me – this man has spent the last ten years being interviewed on one subject alone, the economy, and it shows.


He er’d his way through the interview. Each time Kay asked a new question there was almost a visible backwards movement, you could see him mentally recoil from the question – he did not enjoy the interview one little bit.


His mental agility and confidence, present when questioned on all matters relating to the economy, was nowhere to be seen.


His body language speaks volumes. Today in the chamber, the expression on his face screamed, “I’m a Prime Minister, get me out of here”. This is a man who is no longer comfortable in his own skin.


I cannot imagine he will want to go on for very long with the prospect of the next general election, and his possible time as PM, being only a couple of years away.


Many commentators say he has wanted this job for so long, that he will hold on and go at the last minute. They compare him to a child with a new toy. I think not. I suspect he may feel like Alice in Wonderland. As though he has been dropped into the middle of a surreal nightmareish fairy tale where everyone is asking him strange questions and giving him incomprehensible answers.


Poor Gordon, I bet he wakes up in the middle of the night alone, crying, longing for the gentle touch of Prudence. But she is sleeping next door, with another.


He needs to talk to her about the fact that everyone is predicting a housing market crash in the New Year; that nasty committee at the Bank of England have put up interest rates and are going to do it again; and those beastly Conservatives are bullying his best friend Ed in the playground.


It wasn’t supposed to be like this.


What can Gordon do everyone?


Well, let’s see what’s in the box shall we?


Imagine the polls remain stubborn with Conservatives and Labour nudging each other up and down the high 30s.


I think Gordon may turn petulant. I think he may go to his party conference in the autumn and decide to do something really, really dramatic, like announce the phased withdrawal of troops from Iraq, with almost immediate effect. That will take him through the 40 barrier.


He will follow this the next day by announcing something very sexy, like hike up the upper limit for inheritance tax, incrementally phased over five years of course, but he won’t let the detail get in the way of the headline spin.


And then, on the last day of his conference, he will announce something very big and brave, that the next general election will happen in three weeks.


That would mess things up big time for us Conservatives who may already be on the train on the way to our own conference in Blackpool. That would be a very mean thing to do.


But of course, this is all fairy tale stuff, however, if I were him, it’s what I would do, wouldn’t you?


A new five year tenure will give him the time he needs to get on top of the brief, and more importantly, being voted in by the people, the confidence he needs in order to become as arrogant and controlling  a Prime Minister as he was chancellor.


It’s my disabled and acute special needs children’s day today at Woburn Safari Park. We have 150 children coming!


I hope everyone understands what I mean when I say I will be glad when it’s over!


I have to shoot into London first though as I am second on the order paper for questions to the new man in Prudence’s life, and then hop straight back onto the train to get into the constituency for our special day.


Photos and blog over the weekend will be dedicated to the day.


Man in a Shed said:
Responded: Thursday, 12 July 2007
I think Brown knows there's a housing price crash coming - that why they're sounding off on 25 year mortgages etc - getting their excuses for higher interest rates in before the public realise the impact. The Economist had an intresting article a few weeks ago that showed that the burden of debt is at its highest since the ERM debacle. But this also supports your fear of a snap general election before the bubble bursts.
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