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Posted Friday, 27 July 2007 at 14:39

I wish I hadn’t said I would blog today! I am preparing at the moment for any questions tonight, which goes out live to the nation on Radio 4 at 8pm.

Am I bothered? We are only nine points behind in the polls today and everyone seems to be out to get David Cameron, big time!

When I was asked to appear on this programme a few weeks ago we were ahead in the polls, which just goes to show how quickly fortunes can change.

The decision was made re unitary authorities on Wednesday. I am amazed at how many people are putting a spin on the anouncement, however, this is what the decision by the local Government Minister - John Healey MP - actually means. 

Along with eight other proposals, Bedford Borough Council has been given the go ahead for unitary status. A proposal by Bedfordshire County Council to become a unitary Council was unsuccessful, meaning a new single tier Council will also be created for the Central Bedfordshire area. The Government intends that the new authorities in Bedfordshire will be fully up and running in 2009.

The priority now is to ensure that all local authorities in Bedfordshire work closely together to ensure that the creation of the new single tier councils takes place as smoothly as possible. Change can always be difficult, but we must make sure that everyone involved in this process is focussed on creating real and long term benefits for local people.

Having just a single tier of local government will lead to greater transparency and make it easier for local residents to know which authority is responsible for delivering services in their local area. After initial set up costs the savings will run into millions of pounds for local residents. 

Sweeper said:
Responded: Friday, 27 July 2007
You'll be alright on the night Nadine.Gordy is enjoying a 'honeymoon period' at the moment. When the higher interest rates, higher fuel and food prices really start biting it won't be DC people turn on to complain. I do not personally see the point in all top politicians having to see the floods for themselves.I regard it no better than 'rubbernecking' at the scene of an accident.It is only necessary for one, the Prime Minister, to go.I understood that the minister was 'minded' for Bedford unitary status to go ahead as I believe there were funding doubts, so it is not necessarily a done deal.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Friday, 27 July 2007
Assuming that after paying out huge sums in redundancies and set up costs, huge savings are made, you can guarentee that it will not be local residents who enjoy the 'millions' saved. Gordon Brown will simply reduce the amout the government pay to councils. Council Tax WILL keep rising as it has done since Labour came to power.
A member of the real world said:
Responded: Friday, 27 July 2007
Sorry, can't agree a single tier council means more transparancy and makes it easier for local residents to know who does what, or saves money. Experience tells me they become unmanageable, uncontrollable monsters with blurred lines of responsibility and cost more for less services.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Saturday, 28 July 2007
Eric Pickles said "unitary structures can be effective in large urban areas with a very dense population. But the key point is that we do not need a ‘one size fits all’ system, and the current system of boroughs and counties works." I think it is important to make that point because some authorities work better in the two-tier system.
Sweeper said:
Responded: Saturday, 28 July 2007
Having listened to Any Questions,you were better than alright on the night!!!!!
uda said:
Responded: Sunday, 29 July 2007
Nadine - you were exellent! Far too good to be invited back in a hurry by the BBC, I'm afraid, but you should insist.
Ian said:
Responded: Monday, 30 July 2007
Perhaps you would allow me to make a few comments. Firstly, I personally trust opinion polls as much as I do trust the BBC to run a phone-in competition.Secondly, why does your Party seem to have no PR mechanism to swing into action as soon as potentially damaging criticism (probably of Labour instigation), such as Mr. Cameron going abroad during the flooding commences? Surely,with,as I understand it, certain Labour MPs taking up to 10 days to visit their own flooded constituencies, there would be greater criticism to fire back? This Labour Government continually makes costly errors and poor judgements on a daily basis and yet no one seems to voice a loud enough opposition to them! It is claimed 5 daily doses of fresh food is healthy and good for us, perhaps you should start shouting why 3 doses of this Labour government is unhealthy and bad for us!
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