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£221, going....going...
Posted Wednesday, 5 September 2007 at 11:52

A cheque popped through the door in the post today. It was for £221 and it was from the BBC. I got paid for being on Any Questions. It was such a pleasure to do, and an honour to meet people like Peter Tatchell (who sent me the loveliest email afterwards) and Charles Moore, for that I would have paid the BBC to let me go on!


Anyway, I would like to put the money to good use, so, if you know of a playgroup in Mid Bedfordshire which is struggling for funds, then please let me know and I will hand the cheque over, being photographed whilst doing so of course. Come on! I’m a politician, what did you expect?


Tonight I am meeting a group of friends in a great pub in Bleddington in the Cotswolds. The nice thing about Parliament being in recess is that I get to socialise and go out at night, like normal people do!


I apologise for the fact that we haven’t been able to post any of the comments over the last couple of days. Normal service will be resumed today!


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