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Posted Thursday, 20 September 2007 at 11:17

During conference I will be blogging for The Spectator, twice a day. These are the links:


The Coffee House - The Spectator Blog 


Coffee House - The Spectator Blog


Cornerstone Blog




I enjoy guest blogging more than I enjoy writing my own blog. I feel as though I have just a little bit more freedom to say what I really want.


I would love to see my Whip’s face as he reads this.


Of course, I suppose it depends on whether it’s a conference or a rally.


Labour ‘sources’ (as in mates who happen to also be MPs) reckon the announcement will be made next Thursday.


That figures, if the Fed drop interest rates and the UK looks very strongly set to follow, and GB maintains a good poll lead, I am certain he will go. Wouldn’t you?


What interests me in all this is why journalists Nick Robinson and Ben Brogan are so sure he won’t. I asked a Labour MP did he think they knew more than he did. This was his reply, or what I can print of it anyway. “They had better ******* not do those  ******* days are  ******* over I can ******* tell you.


Think I touched a nerve there!


I had a really good afternoon with the students from Samuel Whitbread College yesterday. Once again, a bright articulate, well mannered, and well behaved bunch. There was the usual edgy one who likes to take you on, but always good fun.


I am an MP who is immensely proud of all the young people in my constituency and all of my schools, they are just the best. 


New party member said:
Responded: Thursday, 20 September 2007
I look forward to reading your liberated guest blogger posts for The Spectator - just make sure you deliver against the expectation you've set! October is looking much more likely, isn't it. The troops need something exceptionally special from DC and senior members of the team. I hope they can deliver. Regarding the visit of students from Samuel Whitbread, presumably the edgy one is a future political journalist?
ChrisD said:
Responded: Monday, 24 September 2007
New party member, I think that Cameron and Co also need something really exceptionally special from the rest of the party too!!
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