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Posted Thursday, 4 October 2007 at 12:12


I finally succumbed to the Blackpool bug - it got me on my very last meal.

Trying to vomit, in service station order, on the drive home was a feat of self-discipline I never thought I would have to master, but there you go, I managed it.

When the food arrived the thought, "this is not very hot" did occur to me, however, unusually for me, I was talking at the time and the moment past.

The moral of the story? Only eat food in restautants which is piping hot - thanks Blackpool, a leaving gift to surpass all others.

If I were a candidate in a marginal seat, I would be feeling very happy indeed - in fact, I would have been out canvassing since dawn.

David Cameron has taken the fight right to Brown's door, but the "will he, won't he" question, is still hanging in the air. I have always been 100% convinced that he will and I still am.
He still has far more to lose if he waits, than if he goes.

Who cares if he returns with a diminished majority? The newspapers for about two days; from then on it won't matter a jot, so long as he still has a working majority.

How many people know or care, that the Conservatives got more votes in England, than Labour at the last General Election? Just a 197, and they are all Conservative MPs.

Does anyone really believe that he is going to give us another couple of years to bed down the raft of policies David announced yesterday into people's hearts and minds? Not a chance, it's game on, any day now.

PS - I scare myself when I write blogs like this.

Alison, Ampthill said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
Lovely photo. Nice kind eyes. Much better than the orange one on your web page. I'm with you, I think he will call it next week, unless the polls are really bad for him over the weekend. Alison. PS, someone else used my name on your comment a few weeks ago. Can you stop that?
Ian said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
I think it was more a case of over indulgence of the feast of commonsense policies rather than the food.At last we have a credible Opposition.I disagree with you regarding a snap election. Oh, he'll call one,but if true to form,it will be in a year's time.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
A confession.I've just had my YouGov survey alert. Odds on that there will be questions political.If the question arises again about GB doing a good job or be the best PM, I am going to lie through my computer.I am going to say that he is the best and tick whatever box that makes him more glorious than DC ( Forgive me Father(in law), a staunch Labour man. Forgive me Nadine).I want to do my bit,act like them deceiving b's, so that the poll will give GB the confidence to call a snap election. The end justifies the means, in this case.Update to follow
Harry said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
What I don't understand is what Brown gains from calling an election unless he is certain to increase his majority. As I understand it he could carry on till May 2010 if he wanted to now with a majority of 66 odd. If he goes in November he would only have to November 2012 max and faces the possibility of a much reduced majority. Is that extra 2 years really worth such a gamble at this stage? I am really very puzzled. Unless he knows something is about to go REALLY seriously wrong which we remain blissfully ignorant of.
Mike H said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
"Game on" - Wanna bet? How about a tenner? A brilliant conference week and now rumours of some interesting polls will have killed any chance of Brown calling an election this year. The economy will stuff any remaining chances very soon, so I think he'll have to go long... long... long...
Tony M said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
I am right behind you Nadine. The MPs being squeezed in the marginals will be squeezed even tighter the longer he waits. He has no choice, he must be furious with himself for dithering so long. If he can keep 3 - 4% ahead he will call knowing that one on one against Cameron, who looks gaunt in tonights Standard,he wins hands down.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
Wow, what big eyes you have! Your blog is the talk of the London elite I hope you know. All jealous.
Nadine said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
Mike, I am not talking to you, you are completly fickle! You leave your blog comments all over the best blogs and then only come back to mine on a quiet day!!! Not a tenner, a pint in the Queens Head during the election campaign, which of course you will have to pay for because you will have lost. When we have finished you could take a couple of hundred leaflets to deliver for me as well!!
Mike H said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 October 2007
Nadine - you're on! I'm so sorry about my recent indiscretions :-) You are my one true blogger; I was a political blog virgin until you came along. You're the first and best, really, please believe me. I'll try not to do it again, but I can't promise. It's just that you went on holiday for such a long time and left us all alone and I succumbed to the wicked temptresses elsewhere... :-)
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