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The Generation Gap
Posted Saturday, 6 October 2007 at 21:48


 I heard the news from a fellow MP. I was driving at the time and pulled over. My phone warbled away as the Westminster drums began texting.


I got home and called Stewart Jackson MP for Peterborough. I was sat in front of my new TV watching Sky, when the running news ran that Brown had called the election off ‘due to concerns regarding the electoral register’, I read this out to Stewart, Oh how we laughed.


“Yeah” said Stewart, “the concern being that everyone on it wants to vote Tory”



It is one of the most fascinating state of affairs to observe.


I have always been absolutely convinced that he would go if he was ahead in the polls. I am still convinced that if he had a poll lead today he would have gone.


I think on balance, that those of us who said he would go, were nearer to the truth, than those who said he wouldn’t. This possibly sounds strange given today’s events; however, nobody thought that we would be as much as 6% ahead in the marginal seats – least of all us.



Those who said he wouldn’t go cited very clear reasons for thinking so; from he’s only interested in the spending review, to dark nights.


Those who thought he would go had reasons which were far more compelling, from his need for a people’s mandate, to stormy economic seas up ahead.


The greater risk has always been for him not to go. Now he stays in place in the knowledge that it may only be for three years. We have three years in which to bed down and get out the message that we are the party of low taxation, the party which is tough on crime and will heal the NHS.


If he had retained a poll lead of significance he would have been ready to press that button on Tuesday, of that I have no doubt. Maybe he will go next May? He may be thinking that, but I am sure he knows in his heart of hearts, he missed the boat.


My new Sky+ TV is situated at the foot of my bed on a blanket chest, at my toe tips so to speak. Purchased in order to watch Andrew Marr in bed on a Sunday morning.


I am watching it as I type this blog on my lap top and my Blackberry is on the bedside table next to me.


My daughter has just come into the bedroom, looked at me and said “God, your carbon footprint is so embarrassing”, and flounced out.


I always knew there was a generation gap; I just thought I would be a tad older before it hit me!!


Oh yes, and Nicholas Watt, lobby correspondent, you were right. Ouch, that hurt!

Sweeper said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 October 2007
This is such a disaster, what is the world coming to? Nadine in bed and watching the telly before 10 pm. You're on the slippery slope,it'll be slippers and Horlicks next!:-)
stevie said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 October 2007
So you like to watch Andrew Marr in bed do you? Me: I watched him on the tv in the kitchen and was nearly sick. He is a BBC stooge and a disgrace to journalism.
James said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 October 2007
I based my opinion that he would not call an election simply because Labour's record over the past ten years would let him down.They have blundered into so many hopeless situations and spent a great deal of money so doing.People have been prepared to pay more tax but only on the assumption that we would see real improvements and benefits.It is clear that Labour are a tax and waste government. We associate cowardice with the colour Yellow, perhaps now, Brown is the new Yellow.
Fickle blog tart said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 October 2007
"I think on balance, that those of us who said he would go, were nearer to the truth, than those who said he wouldn’t." Nice try, but your appeal is dismissed. That will be two pints please, landlord, and no leaflet take-away. The lady over there is paying :-)
Nadine said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 October 2007
Fickle blog tart? If the cap fits Mike! Call my office and they will arrange the time and place. I suggest after the Ampthill surgery. The things I do!!!!
Ian said:
Responded: Monday, 8 October 2007
First he dealt with Foot and Mouth, then Bluetongue, and now the deadliest disease of all: Yellowbelly.Alas, no cure available, no antedote. Once contracted, it can lay dormant in the blood system for ever, sudden erruptions can turn a backbone into a mass of quivering jelly.No-go zones are already in place around Westminster but slaughter, or putting out to grass, in isolation, are the only real options available. Fortunately, Team Camerone are immune.
John said:
Responded: Monday, 8 October 2007
I think that FBT is too quick to judge you. As I remember, he was quietly sitting on the fence, no the garden swing, one minute minded to agree with you,the next, in almost hindsight, disagreeing.You, on the other hand, had NO choice but to believe an election was forthcoming and you never once waivered. So I think you should have a party, never mind a couple of pints, as the Conservatives have emerged the winners. It is, unfortunately, the general public who loose. To have trust,honesty and decency in our fellow man, it has to be displayed by those who lead this country.They are sadly lacking such traits. p.s.Is it really THAT easy to get a 'date' with you? Just ring the office?
Sally said:
Responded: Monday, 8 October 2007
Yet another conflict Brown and his cronnies got into without a hope of winning. At least no one died in this one.
Fickle blog tart said:
Responded: Monday, 8 October 2007
John's right, of course. I spent plenty of time on the swing, but eventually came to the conclusion (not "in hindsight", John!) that there was just too much stacked against Brown for him to call it this year. There was a time when it really looked good for him. The Conservative party appeared to be in disarray and the polls looked favourable for Labour. But Brown's extremely bad judgement over his Basra visit and a superb week at Blackpool put an end to it. IF the polls had been different over the last few days, maybe he would have gone for it. Of course, Brown has just been strongly denying this is his press briefing at Number 10, "I want to put my vision to the country, blah, blah, blah...", but there isn't a soul there who believes him.
Martyn said:
Responded: Monday, 8 October 2007
It has taken ten years of a Labour government to make the electorate realise 'taxcut' is not a dirty word (or two). I live in your constituancy in an average property and face the prospect of paying a tad under £2000 Council Tax next April. Our household income is below average, we consider spending more time as a family over job ambition to be more important.I am left wondering what sort of response you would have received had you made plans to reform the Council Tax as radically as you did IHT.
John said:
Responded: Monday, 8 October 2007
Hmmm...Fickle Blog Tart...just doesn't seem to the style of Mike H's prose....Could this be the SECOND wrong conclusion M'Lady has jumped to???? p.s. Is the office no. Freephone as I'm a bit short what with all this Labour Tax Overload!
Sweeper said:
Responded: Monday, 8 October 2007
Have I been asleep for the past ten years?Did I dream the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,the doubling of my Council Tax,HIP's,Virtual bankrupcy in the NHS,Cash for Honours,Dr. David Kelly,Cherie Blair,ID cards,ASBO's, Fines'R'Us,Plastic policemen, the 100+ stealth taxes?? Did none of this happen? Is Brown playing the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine ( both parts).We have had ten years of a Brown 'vision' and now, as with the BBC no doubt, the future will be full of repeats.
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