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Posted Thursday, 17 January 2008 at 16:10

I have been rather touched by the number of Labour MPs who have commented after I posted my Members Tea Room blog in December.


When walking into the strangers’ dining room to meet a constituent the other evening, I was even hugged and praised by some. “You are an absolute hero in our eyes” said one. “Really?” said I. “Oh aye”, said he,” why do you think Hazel Blears did so badly in her deputy leadership bid? Who do you think was her campaign manager?”


Could that be the reason why when I asked to intervene, when she was speaking in the Chamber yesterday, she agreed and then following a whisper in her ear from the Minister Liam Byrne, changed her mind.


 Or, was that more to do with the fact that she had just been espousing what a wonderful job the government were doing with the speedy processing of asylum cases, and Liam Byrne may have known that the New Statesman was today featuring a case of mine, which has been dragging on for four years, and threatens to separate a mother and daughter.


Hard to tell really isn’t it?


We were at a dinner with David Cameron last night and Keith Simpson MP did the warm up act. He was superb, very dry and very funny. He read a series of spoof letters and in one described me as indiscreet.


I take it he was referring to my blog as I am never indiscreet when it matters; however, as Iain Dale will agree, that was a bit ironic coming from Keith!


Just returned from a press gallery lunch and listening to Andy Burnham. The newspaper hack who invited me said he thought that if the Conservatives won the next election, Andy was tipped to become the next Labour party leader.


The most interesting thing Andy said in his speech was that by the time he was finished, MPs would not be able to afford to buy a copy of the FT.


Good job we get a communal one in the office then that’s all I can say!


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