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Posted Monday, 28 January 2008 at 10:31

This evening I have organised a meeting in Westminster Hall, to present to MPs the important evidence which was excluded from the Science and Technology Select Committee Report on abortion.

Professor Sunny Anand arrived in the UK at midnight on Friday night, to a collective sigh of relief from the staff in my office.

I won't even begin to tell the story of the effort and organisation required in having his bio-metrics recorded in Geneva en route from America in order to have his Visa processed, so that he could get into the UK to contribute on the panel this evening.

Nope I won't even begin - the blog's not big enough!

I also invited Dr Stuart Derbyshire to join the panel, who believes that a foetus can't feel pain.

He didn't actually send any written evidence to the Science and Technology Committee investigation, yet he was still called as a witness to give evidence. I wonder if that had anything to do with his well known pro-abortion views?

Professor Anand on the other hand, went to great lengths to make the Committee aware of his work and was not called.

Dr Stuart Campbell is also on the panel - Dr Campbell pioneered 4D scanning, giving women the window on the womb they always wished for.

Dr Campbell literally shows us how a foetus behaves in the womb; the pictures you see in newspapers of a foetus walking and thumb sucking, are courtesy of Dr Campbell's work.

Professor Anand is neither pro or anti abortion, but a scientist who simply deals with the facts.

The facts unfortunately didn't fit with the majority pro-abortion view on the Select Committee.

Professor Anand was, however, attacked by Dr Derbyshire in a letter subsequently published in The Times.

So I thought, OK then, face to face is far more preferable than letters in a newspaper - if Dr Derbyshire feels so strongly, let's put him up against Professor Anand on the panel,  two competing views.

Dr Derbyshire declined the invitation, claiming the panel would be biased; excuse me? I asked two foetal pain experts, Anand and himself - i.e. two competing views - how is that biased?

I was therefore very surprised to hear Dr Derbyshire on the Today programme this morning with Professor Anand. It was a clear win for Anand, with Derbyshire sounding brittle in the way many pro-abortionists do. I cannot believe for one moment that Derbyshire would ever attempt to debate against Professor Anand in a room full of his own peers.

Professor Anand explained on the Today programme, how likely it is that a foetus can feel pain below 20 weeks. His personal point of view - given that he has no interest in the issue of abortion - is that if an abortion does take place after this stage, it should be done as humanely as possible, as you are ending the life of a feeling sentient being, which is capable of life.

His balanced view when pushed by Naughtie, was that abortion should not take place beyond 20 weeks.

Interestingly, Derbyshire, would not mention the number of weeks, but prattled on about sovereignty of the body and rights - in code he was saying that it is a woman's body and she should be able to abort at any time.

He did concede, that due to the probability of a foetus feeling excruciating pain, the abortion proceedure should happen as fast as possible.

It is set to be a fascinating meeting and I hope as many MPs as possible will attend.

Time To Reduce The Upper Limit For Abortion Meeting On Monday 28th January 2008

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