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Jam and Portillo
Posted Saturday, 1 March 2008 at 14:32

How dare Michael Portillo speak on my behalf.

Last night on This Week, he said that over half of Conservative MPs would not vote to bring back hanging.

I don't believe Michael Portillo KNOWS any Conservative MPs!

My 2005 intake makes up over  a quarter of the parliamentary party and I doubt if any of us has even met him!

Andrew Neil went on to ask Portillo "Does bullying go on in politics?" and Portillo answered with an observation from the Thatcher years!

Hello, its 2008!!!

At least Diane Abbott is an MP, talks to and works with MPs and has some idea what's going on!!

So Michael, here's the message, don't pontificate on our behalf thank you very much, not when you are so obviously out of touch with the thinking of the vast majority of the Conservative party and don't have a clue as to what makes today's Conservative MPs tick.

The Daily Mail have said following the interview with me on Wednesday, they are running the feature Saturday or Monday.

If anyone wants to know why I haven't signed the letter in the Daily Telegraph, its because I was in Auschwitz and I didn't see it until it was too late for me to be included.

I am in Wirral West this evening speaking at Esther McVey's association - it's one of those seats we are going to win back next time with a comfortable majority.

John Whittingdale MP - affectionately known as Whitto - is quoted in the New Statesman - John and I sat next to each other at lunch the other day, when we discovered that we had both been to Jam concerts, mine was at Ali Pali, and he's talking about just that to Tara Hamilton Miller.

I bet Whitto and I are the only two Tory MPs top have seen the Jam live!

Julian Brazier has an excellent Bill going through the house today with regard to Film classification - check it out  on the Cornerstone Blog. 


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