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Posted Sunday, 6 April 2008 at 14:41

If you saw Nick Clegg on Andy Marr this morning, if you have ever been banished from the comfort and warmth of a cosy shared bed, you will have recognised that lonely, dejected, haunted, miserable look. Poor Nick.


His demeanour spoke of two things. That he knew he had hurt people he loved, and that this isn’t the end of it. His stupidity will follow his leadership and his marriage around forevermore.


Can you imagine the conversation around the Clegg breakfast table?


“Mummy, why is Daddy on the sofa/spare bed... again”?


Take your pick from the answers below;


a) Because he told me it was only five


b) Because I knew it was 30 but was not aware your father was going to share this information with the world


c) Because your father only hopes he will not be un-faithful, which kind of makes me think he may have been already… or is planning to…


d) Because I wish I had married Chris Huhne


e) Because your father is a Pratt and needs to be taught a lesson


Every woman in the country probably believes that Nick Clegg hasn’t so much as had a sniff of his marital bedroom since GQ hit the newsagents. His stupidity will have caused both he and his family, who I imagine are all decent people, damage.


Thank goodness schools have broken up for the holidays.


Having to face teachers and other mothers at the school gate could only be humiliating for his wife.


You would know that every other woman, friend or foe, will be whispering behind her hand “I would expect my husband to answer yes absolutely, without a second’s hesitation”. And of course, they would be right.


If you really do love someone and you really are committed to a marriage, the prospect of being un-faithful is one which automatically provokes a strong reaction of denial.


Unless of course, being un-faithful has maybe crossed your mind and remaining faithful is something you are battling with.


David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair - Piers Morgan wouldn’t have caught any of them out on that question.


Which in itself demonstrates, politics is for men, not immature conquest proud, bragging boys

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