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Posted Tuesday, 8 April 2008 at 11:46

Michael Gove had a very successful day yesterday, launching with David Cameron the Party's proposals to help restore discipline in our schools.

He also produced a very funny guide to whether your partner is too Tory, or just Tory enough.

You can access it from here on ConservativeHome 

I met Michael's wife yesterday.

In conversation Michael always refers to his wife as 'Mrs G', or 'Mrs Gove.'

This has always conjured up for me an image of 'Mrs G' being small, demure and timid; a woman with a grey chignon and fluttering apologetic hands with pinz nez glasses perched on the end of her nose.

Wrong. She is gorgeous, vibrant and obviously very dynamic.

What a lucky man you are Michael! The Mrs Doubtfire image of 'Mrs G' has gone as if in a puff of smoke!

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