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Hysteria - ectomy
Posted Wednesday, 9 April 2008 at 12:42

I met a man today who called a woman mad.

She wasn’t mad at all. She had, however; seriously out-manoeuvred him during a negotiation.

Frankly, the way he spoke about her made me mad, but, I held my tongue. It was easy to see where his venom was springing from.

She was pretty, successful and obviously clever. Younger than him, smarter than him and try as he may, he couldn’t dispute her argument.

So, when she left the room, he called her ‘mad’.

It amazes me how often men refer to women as being ‘mad’, usually pre-fixed with 'that woman’, often when they feel threatened and can’t think of anything more intelligent to say.

What also amazes me is how of a type all of these men usually are.

They are invariably overweight, unattractive, inadequate, insecure egotists who, given their generally unhealthy disposition are probably also impotent, or have a reputation for being bad lovers.

Without exception they are men who are either professionally frustrated or have never achieved quite the dizzy heights, either in terms of profile or reward, they believe they should have.

The removal of a diseased uterus from a woman is known as a hysterectomy. Which gender do you think thought that name up?

It would appear that given the length of time that female only operation has been known as a hysterectomy, men may have been doing this for some time.

Keith Joseph was a brilliant man, with a brilliant mind, of course his contemporaries didn't refer to him as mad, but as an eccentric. Eccentric, such an endearing quality.

Thank goodness there are plenty of secure confident nice men around too!

Princess, movie star or plain old MP, you can’t win. Out fox a man, shine a little brighter and he moves straight to the inadequate male default position, you’re mad.

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