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No fleas on the BBC.... or are there?
Posted Friday, 11 April 2008 at 15:49




I have just finished an interview at home for the BBC six o’clock news.


I was in the vets with my Labrador when they rang and had to dash back home.


Being of neither the pro-abortion or pro-life lobby, one thing I have noticed over the last year is that the BBC is very pro-abortion. No surprise there then.


Pro- abortion to the point that they commissioned their own research into the public attitude regarding the upper limit at which abortion takes place, and then not liking the results, buried it.


My Labrador made a huge fuss of the BBC crew when they arrived.


The nasty rash on her back is as a result of new spring fleas picked up in the fields.


As they fussed and stroked her I went to stop them, and as the words reached the tip of my tongue, stopped.


Millie was having such a nice time!


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