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Posted Saturday, 12 April 2008 at 12:18

If anyone were to ask me what the perks of my job are, I would be hard pushed to answer, however, today that would be easy.

My neighbour is John Shayler and he is unique.

John sometimes comes out of his front door to greet me, often after mid-night when I have worked a fifteen hour day and am trying to reverse my car into five and a half feet..

The next five minutes go like this;

John..”What the **** are you trying to*******do you *******stupid woman, get out of that ******* car. I can drive ******* better than you with my *******eyes closed, for ***** sake.

Me.. “Who on earth do you think you are talking to?”

John ..” Someone who can’t ******* drive, give me the ******* keys and **** ***”.

I throw the keys at him and storm into the house to bed too enraged to engage with him any further.

The keys are always on my door mat the next morning, car perfectly lined up in an impossibly small place.

Last night John opened a new restaurant in Ampthill, Shaylers Lounge.

He invited me to the opening night and sent a stretch Limo to collect me. So very John, so very generous.

I have to say, it is a fabulous restaurant and it was a fabulous night.

I am used to John heaping verbiage on my head and I have to say, I did enter the restaurant with a certain amount of trepidation.

I thought at the very least he would be telling the chef to take the rest of the evening off.

The seats are bucket leather seats which instantly make you feel relaxed and as though you were about to settle down to an evening of un-rushed good food.

John glided around his new restaurant like a very proud man in control of every aspect of the evening. A solo singer guitarist went well with the seats and you could see the chef prepare your food at the end of the lounge.

The music set the mood and the guitarist sang everything from Elvis to Take That.

There were a few stars on the menu which stood out. The Seafood Salad was the best I have ever tasted in any country. Those who had the Meatballs and Tomatoes raved and the absolute star of the sweet menu has to be the Strawberry Jelly infused with Tarragon and Basil.

I now know where I am going to be spending many a weekend night.

If I haven’t smashed something over the owners head in a fit of road rage that is!

Katrina, John’s wife, will be there tonight. She has worked incredibly hard, as they both have, over the last few months. You both deserve to be absolute winners.

As the guitarist sang last night,

All the stars are coming out tonight,

They’re lighting up the sky tonight,

For you.

The very best of luck to both of you.

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