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Posted Monday, 14 April 2008 at 12:38


When I became an MP three years ago, oil stood at $60 a barrel, today it is $110.

There were food riots in Haiti at the weekend and there is only nine days supply of wheat left in the world, which is waiting for the American harvest, which in itself is in decline.

Some countries in the world have banned the export of rice and others are exporting limited amounts only. The price of rice has doubled in the last seven weeks and corn, soya, sugar are all at record high prices.

This is all to do with a changing planet.

Countries like China are becoming wealthier and its populations are consuming more, especially food. But it’s not just China, the Asia economies are all expanding, every country is consuming more food.

We have all turned into grazers and munchies. Bio diversity is not helping. A drive towards bio-fuel is shooting our own food security in the foot.

Just thinking aloud here, however, how much land do we have to grow food on in this country?

Why aren’t we growing more of our own crops? How many people in the UK could be sustained by our own food production?

I think food security is going to be a massive issue in the future. If I was the minister responsible for DEFRA, I would be looking for ways to make farming sexy again. I would be thinking along the lines of how many more people can actually live and be supported by our own efforts - if that was needed - and is the UK in fact full.

Would it be wise to concrete over any more agricultural land and build houses to fill with more inward immigration, creating yet more mouths to feed?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see our fields full of wheat and corn again and wouldn’t that be the most sensible way to cut down on food miles and price?.

It's not so much feed the world as feed the country? The government may stop dithering soon and realise that to be dependent on others for energy, oil and food in today's global security climate may not be the wisest thing.

However, we have a government which has no interest in rural communities. It actively dislikes the countryside. Much of which is in Tory electoral hands and therefore in terms of government priorities, guarantees that rural communities are right at the bottom of the policy food chain.

Time for change, we need to eat.

Food for thought.

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