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Posted Tuesday, 15 April 2008 at 16:51



This is a totally self indulgent blog.

As a result of my blog, the closest and deepest of friends from my childhood have contacted me.

Friends so close, I honestly feel for them in the same way as I do family.

There is no division of emotion. They were with me always from toddler to teenager.

Eileen rang me yesterday, out of the blue, for the first time in 30 years.

I think the last time I saw her, we were sat on a wall on the corner of a street on our estate, singing Tamla Motown harmonies.

I was as shocked as anyone could be when she called.

 “I'm in court in London tomorrow,” said she, “Can we meet?”

Eileen and I were the cheeky ones on our estate. If anyone mentioned our names to a neighbour, eyes would roll heavenwards. I don't think anyone didn't know who we were, and I think we definitely knew everyone.

We were good, just high spirited and cheeky.

When she said she was in court, reverting to Liverpool stereo type, I thought oh no what has she done.

We could hardly talk on the phone we were laughing so much.

 “I'm not 'up' in court” said she, “I'm a defence lawyer!!”

Today she came to Westminster and we had lunch. We talked about all the people who influenced the most formative part of my life; and who I carry around with me in my heart every day.

Peter whose mum, Aunty Olive, taught me to knit, Susan, Rita, Nikki and Tina, the Devers and all the Liverpool families I grew up with.

Mr and Mrs Mesham, who used to come back from the Labour club on a Friday night ,and wake up us girls who would all be asleep in one bed, and sing Elvis songs to us!  And Nin, who couldn't say my name and called me Anadin! And Aunty Vee who made sure the Mesham girls were the best dressed.

The last few years haven't always been the best of times, but there was something about re-connecting with someone I thought so much of today, that made me feel as though I have just turned a corner. Even though that corner led straight back to my childhood and to some of the happiest and best times of my life.

The picture is of Eileen and I at lunch today. The best thing ever to have come out of my blog and worth every word to have got to this!

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