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Posted Friday, 18 April 2008 at 13:55

Behind the Chamber there is a room with a big oak door which says 'Lady Members' on a brass plaque.

Behind the door is a tiny room with a sofa and a yellow chair.

The chair is known as Gwyneth's chair and no one dared sit in it.

From that chair Gwyneth dispensed advice and kindness to other Lady Members. To those who were pregnant and those who were just plain fed up.

She was above party politics and treated us all the same.

When I arrived I was scared stiff of her. When I was told by another member 'not to sit in that seat' I was even more so.

On the first day I walked into the room and she was sitting in the chair I wanted to reverse, but I couldn't, it would have been too obvious. I proceeded and sat down, head up.

I swear she knew how I felt because she lifted her head up, didn't say a word and gave me a knowing smile.

She was lovely from that moment in.

The room smells of her perfume.

That chair will have to be replaced, no one will sit in it again.

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