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Iraq in the Pub Part II
Posted Saturday, 19 April 2008 at 13:48

I apologise for the number of pictures of me appearing on my blog.

Mr Brakes is insistent that every blog should carry a picture.

As with all men in all things, I won't argue, however, I will have to subject you to my ugly mug for about a week, let him think he's won, and then stop.

I can't show you a picture of the person I was with last night because if I did, it would really compromise his safety.

He's an American who works most of the time in and out of Iraq in one of the most high profile intelligence jobs there is.

As soon as the abortion debate is over I want to get out to Iraq and see for myself what is going on on the ground.

I have two bases in my constituency, I feel strongly it is something I should do.

I learnt more about Iraq last night on one dinner date, from someone who has the most dangerous and fascinating job I have ever heard of, than I have in three years as an MP.

He could tell me most of what he does, but not how he does it. His perspective on the surge and the time Iraq is going to take to heal was interesting. As I said a few days ago, Rome wasn't built in a day, and nor will be Iraq.

But somewhere in the future, the price of this war has to be a free and stable Iraq.

He told me that the statement by Hilary Clinton, to withdraw US troops a battalion at a time is not a good one..

The fewer troops on the ground, the more insecure it becomes for those who are left.

No-one would want to be in the last battalion to leave.

In his opinion, the worst thing that could happen to Iraq and the worst scenario for the Iraqi people, would be for the American people to elect a Democrat to the Whitehouse.

I told him I would like to visit Iraq.

He spent most of last night convincing me this is something I really don't want to do.

As I post this he is already over the Atlantic, having called from the airport to say goodbye and seeking re-assurance that I had given up on the idea of visiting Iraq.

I re-deployed the Mr Brakes technique.

Besides, how would he know?

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