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Breakfast With Maggots.
Posted Friday, 25 April 2008 at 11:45

With Larry Heyman of First Capital Connect at Flitwick Station.

Who says my job's not glamorous? My morning started with a meeting on the platform at Flitwick Station at 7.15am.

The next few years are going to be tough for commuters like me who travel back late at night.

Some train services to my constituency are about to cease after 10.30 pm in order for new stations and platforms to be built.

With new air conditioned rolling stock in the pipeline as the end result, it will hopefully be worth the pain.

Last night was an interview with The Independent on Sunday and a quick 'what does this mean?' chat with colleagues about the fact that we are now 18% ahead in the opinion polls!

En route now to meet with tissue viability nurses - I'm looking forward to this as it will present me with an opportunity to talk about my love of maggots as an infected wound treatment.

You may sneer, however, infected wounds and leg ulcers are no sneering matter if you are the one whose life is debilitated by such things; and those little puss munchers can save the NHS a fortune, and give people their independence back which in itself is priceless!

I've just been interrupted by the BBC who want to come to the constituency and interview me - a comedian called Marcus Brigstocke says politicians "aren't normal" and they want me to prove they are, and put up the counter argument.

Do I smell a rat? If I did it would be drowned out by the aroma coming from a bucketful of maggots!

After this it's a surgery, meeting with councillors and leafleting.

Tomorrow morning it's off to Sky TV for an interview and then back just in time to open a nursing home.

I hope they've got a spare bed because after the week I've had I just may collapse onto it!

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