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Mary from the mission, at Sky TV.
Posted Saturday, 26 April 2008 at 13:58

When on TV, It’s ok to argue your point as hard as you wish, and to use evidence and statistics to back that point up.


It’s not ok to lie.


I arrived at the Millbank studio doors with three minutes to go before we were on air, and the studio was up three flights of stairs,


No time for hair or make up, and did it show. In Liverpool there would have been an aunt to have exclaimed that I’d looked like  ‘Mary from the mission’.


There is no NHS hospital which will carry out abortions over 16 weeks, unless the mothers life really is in serious danger and in those cases the hospitals are in Newcastle and London, North and South.


All abortions over sixteen weeks are carried out in private clinics, cross charged to the government.


We have a government policy which says it’s ok to abort to 24 weeks, and an NHS which doesn’t want to put that policy into practice.


And so an abortion industry has built up around government policy.


The lady from the pro-abortion lobby whose organisation is paid for by the unions, announced with gusto, “that’s not true,”  when I made the point that no NHS hospital will carry out abortions over 16 weeks.


Well this is the fault of sound bite interview, because I would have liked to have asked her to name one.


A Parliamentary question which will be walked to the departments office on Monday morning will be to ask the minister to name all NHS hospitals in the UK which have carried out abortions over 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, weeks and the grounds upon which those terminations took place.


I will also ask the same question again, but change the words NHS to private clinic.


Information is king.


When I walked out of the studio, my daughter who had been sat outside said, “that lady was very pretty, but she was very wrong”.


“How did I look?” said I, anxiously, vain to the last. “Your hair was a complete mess,” said she, “but you were so right it really didn’t matter.”  I could have kissed her into oblivion and almost did, all the way down the stairs!!

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